KROOT – 00 – THE OBVIOUS OPPOSITES, a street fashion brand, based on the purity of black and white.


Our story is not a tale about two girls dreaming to become fashion designers one day. Kroot started from a friendship of two interior architects - Florien Deleersnijder and Sarah Livemont - from Ghent with west Flemish roots. Been inspired by living and working in New York and Paris, our path crossed in 2012.


‘KROOT’, a word we used as a nickname for each other, became soon a real classic in our vocabulary. An innocent word that turned out very fast into something strong and meaningful. We merged our knowledge, creativity and personal style, that’s when we launched the 00 KROOT in 2014.


Our nature can be found in opposites.


We focus on the most obvious opposite in the aesthetic world: the pure colours black and white. Two proven opposites who exist for ages in fashion, architecture, photography and lifestyle. These colours and contrast not only reflects us as a blonde and brunette but also as complementary personalities. This opposite attraction is one of KROOT – OBVIOUS OPPOSITES strong key values. In every single collection those two colours are the main theme, reinvented time by time, influenced by a certain subculture, a certain movement and always staying faithful to the experience of an architectural background.


After personalising many caps and apparel, we designed our first real collection, called IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU ANYMORE. Soon all items we had were sold out, the response of the audience was unexpected but that encouraged us to create more.


ZERO ZERO CENT DREAMS - The inspiration for our second collection is based on our story, remembering why we started. We started for fun and that’s the way we want to expose ourself. Stay true to your dreams, make decisions in which you believe and get inspired by people and their world.




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